Irphe's biomech. team

Olivier Boiron

Professor of fluid mechanics

Centrale Marseille, IRPHE CNRS UMR 7342

I am currently Professor of fluid mechanics at Centrale Marseille and I carry out my research activities at the IRPHE lab.

Since 2012 I am also the Director of the Mediterranean network of engineering schools and faculties and the chair holder of the Unesco UniTwin 651 chair.

I teach mainly fluid mechanics at Centrale Marseille but also CFD and biomechanics and I am also of the academic director of the Master of Science and technology in Complex Systems Engineering

My research activities address fluid mechanics and biomechanical issues, like:


Centrale Marseille
38, rue Joliot-Curie
13451 Marseille cedex 13 France

49, rue Joliot Curie
13384 Marseille cedex 20 France